Updated: Apr 8, 2020

5 Simple Tips that can help your Beauty Business Blossom

If you have made a decision to own, and manage your own beauty business, I’m sure we can all agree you have you have a particular set of skills and knowledge to offer. Having a business in which you provide stunning results is part of the contract. However, providing amazing customer service and a pleasurable beauty experience is the signature. Have you been somewhere and really enjoyed the food, however the waitress was very unattentive? Or you went to have your hair styled and you loved your hair, but found the environment to be extremely unprofessional? These are just a couple of hurdles that can dim your business light. You can overcome and make sure your providing exceptional service to your guest by following these 5 simple tips.


Customer Service is Everything!


Be on time for your clients: Let’s face it, the world revolves around time. Our lives are filled with obligations, deadlines, appointments, and schedules. It should be a priority, that if this person has made a commitment to an appointment time with you, you should honor that commitment and do the same. You want to make sure that your client knows you value their time that they set aside for you to work your magic on them. You want to make sure that they know you are fully aware that they are paying for the full experience from start to finish. Also making sure you are timely for each client, ensures your business schedule will run smoothly for everyone else. Although running a little behind is surely inevitable from time to time, communication is key and letting your client know, keeping them in the loop, & giving them options is always best. If a client knows you respect there time and are run a dependable schedule, they will definitely be in your chair again.

2. C L E A N L I N E S S

Be Clean. When we went to beauty school, and tested out for our license. The most important thing they cared about was sanitation. If you think about the beauty, medical, food, tattoo industry, etc, there is no secret that the health department does routine visits to make sure these business are operating to the standard of cleanliness. We should want to uphold and keep our business clean. Our clients definitely do not want to show up to a dirty salon to get the hair washed or a dirty spa to get there facial or nails done. The risk of diseases when working in this industry are high. Not to mention we should take pride in how our space looks. People notice their surroundings. I cannot express how many times, I have walked into a restaurant or nail spa and because it looked dirty, i turned around and walked right back out. I clean my beauty studio everyday before I leave, Your clients will notice when your have a clean space. My clients will leave reviews about the cleanliness of my place, and it make me feel great to know they feel comfortable.

3. C O N V E R S A T I O N

Be Professional. Keep your conversation light and fun. Focus on what you discuss with your client. Educate them on the beauty service you are performing at the time or even suggestive recommendations for take home products, future services, or re-booking. Try not to talk their ear off about yourself and your personal business, and focus your conversation more on them. You can still keep it personable, while not airing out your dirty laundry, or talking about your best friends drama, LOL. Contrary to popular belief, your clients are put off by hearing inappropriate discussions around them, while they are trying to enjoy or relax during their service. You may actually be surprised to learn clients, crave to learn more, and that is why there seeking your professional skill and attention. Keep the conservation educational, and engaging.

4. C O N S I S T E N C Y

Be consistent. It’s important that you leave a great first impression every time. Make sure you consult with your client, and be thorough, give the same amazing energy, to each and every client no matter how long of a day you had. Do not cut corners. Nothing is more disappointing than when you return to a business you love and the service or experience just isn't the same. A client will return to you because they enjoyed what you had to offer, and they are expecting the same if not better the next time around. A relationship can be developed but only if we deliver consistent results. Take notes, ask questions, gather feedback and find out the highly favored things you do so you can make it a habit to do these things each and every single time.

5. K N O W L E D G E

Be Knowledgeable. Keep yourself educated on your craft. Keep your passion for what you do burning. Your clients can appreciate your devotion to your skill. The more you know the more you grow. Keeping yourself educated will only allow you to deliver the latest and greatest to your clients. It will ensure them you know what your doing. It will give you a sense of confidence and security in your approach and there experience. When you invest in yourself and your education, you are investing in your business, you can charge more for your extensive knowledge. Let’s face it you will be desirable with the knowledge and credibility to back up your talent. Be sure to educate your clients on what you know. They will feel so comfortable knowing there in good hands.

Sometimes we think of the most over complicated solutions to build an empire. Although making your place aesthetically pleasing or having the top of the line equipment may help you blossom as well, following these 5 simple tips can enhance the growth of your beauty business by a milestone. Remember now a days people have choices for everything. Your guest has CHOSEN to spend their time and money with you among many other options, show them an amazing experience every time and that you value their decision to select you to service them. You are the “chosen one” LOL... honor it! My favorite thing about this is these tips are easy, achievable and something we can start right now. I promise following these tips will make a great difference in your business and the experience you want to leave your clients with. Go ahead and BLOSSOM BABE!


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