Read your clients like a pro, channeling the true art of your "Psychic Abilities"

If you are in the wonderful industry of service, you have got to be able to read your client! 

You have got to be-able to receive the energy of your client and distinguish his or her personality, so you can set the tone of the appointment. In my favor, I am pretty intuitive and after seeing so many clients, it becomes easier to gauge the personalities and mood of a new client when they walk in.

But... do you ever get that client who is somewhat unreadable? Do you ever struggle finding out how to talk to a client when you just have met them? fearing you may jeopardize the relationship before it’s had a chance to blossom. Or do you struggle being able to perfect the art of discovering what your clients needs are and suggestive selling without coming of offensive or pushy? If you have ever struggled with any of these challenges, this read is for you.

I’m going to share some helpful tips to build a successful relationship with your client, so they will be in this with you for the long hall. 

Consultation is key

No matter what niche of the service industry your in, a killer consultation is everything. This sets the tone for the rest of your service and the entire relationship going forward or lack there-of. A consultation should consist of these 5 key components. 


Ask your client lots of questions to get an understanding of what it is they are looking for. Some examples of questions you should ask your client during the consultation are:

How did they hear about you?

Is this is there first time getting this particular service ?

If this isn’t there first time, what did they love and or dislike about the last service they received?

When was the last service like this they received?

What are there expectations?

If you are in the beauty industry, do they have any allergies?

Would they like to share any pictures they like? If they do share a pic they like, what do they like and not like about the picture?

Why are they wanting to try this particular?

What don’t they like about there current look, what would they really like to change? what do they like about there current look?

Do you get the picture? Getting an understanding of these things will really help you to identify what it is your clients wants. By asking them these questions you will also get to see their personality come out. These are just some examples but there are many more. 


When your client is talking, really listen to what they are saying. Some client will spell this all out without you having to ask and say much, while there others that are more introverted and you may have to pull these answers out of them. However, give them your full attention and really soak in the responses and feedback they give you. 


Try your best to be patient and understanding of your client. Some clients are good with explaining what they want and some are unrealistic or irrational lol. Still try to remain respectful of there desire and wishes. Also NEVER assume, if something is unclear to you... ask more questions. if you don't think the client is requesting the best option for them, try to reason with them by telling them what they want is wonderful and you see why they would want that, but give your professional opinion and try to soften your approach by compromising another option or look that will suit them best or enhance their amazing features. 


Repeat EVERYTHING back to your client, just like when you go through the drive through at your favorite food spot. This is extremely important so your client knows you were LISTENING AND UNDERSTANDING everything they have been expressing to you. Also if there are any discrepancies between your communication with them it can be all worked out, so you both are on the same page and they feel 100% confident and secure with the consultation.


Most importantly after you have repeated everything back to your client you are looking for them to give you the green light. That means go do your thang! 

By the end of this consultation this should be a great ice breaker, and a way to read your clients personality and loosen them up a bit and have you both feeling confident in the approach your going to take. 


Now that we have your bomb ass consultation out the way. Find ways to get to know your client. Thank of it as a first date without the romance aspect LOL. Be interested in who they are, how they found you. Let them know how excited you are, that they found you. Find out their occupations, hobbies, ask them about regimens at home. What they like to do for fun? Ask them about there last service or what made them finally try the service they are doing. Tell them the benefits. Educate them. Be excited to answer their questions. Tell them about your background and how long you have been doing your craft. This is your time to really engage with your client. 

My client is really quiet, I can’t tell if there upset or don’t like me or feel uncomfortable. 

Okay so our clients aren’t all going to be super warm and fuzzy.

I too get those clients that barely speak 2 words and it seems like your pulling teeth to have a conversation. This is why the consultation is super handy, you will get a good feel for your client. You will know if they are talkative or the quiet type. You will know if they seem super upbeat, more mellow, or even the worst irritated. REMEMBER, people have a life before they came to see you, sometimes they may be having a rough day or week or things are just not going well in their personal life. Try not to let it affect you or rub off on you, because it will show and potentially affect your work vibes. Some clients may even try to intimidate you. Its important to keep a smile on your face. Do your job and do a damn good job at it, AND...try not to take anything personally, most of the time it’s not. ;) Compliment them, try to make a small joke or ask them if there is anything you can do to make them more comfortable. If a client does not want to talk, it’s okay some people are not big talkers, some take a while to warm up, and some are super talkative but have to get to know you first. Give them the peace and quiet, they so desire. That is a way you can also gain a respectable relationship. Dont push conversation if they are showing these signs. Just give them time. Don’t be intimidated by different personalities. I have some clients that have been with me for years now, that I could have sworn didn’t like me in the beginning. Sometimes it’s just all in your head. I am very bubbly and outgoing but I have to remember not everyone is and that’s okay. 


It may sound a little unforgiving, but find out what your clients insecurities are. You don’t have to be obvious. If your consultation was thorough enough in the beginning, you may already know what those are. If you don’t, ask subtle questions. Such as...

what they would change about there look?

What there favorite and least favorite feature is about themselves?

What are there favorite looks on themselves and not so favorite, and why?

How do they achieve these certain looks?

Do they struggle with doing a certain look and why?

What do they love about there look now?

You can subtly tell them things that would enhance the look they already love and make it even better. From a lot of these questions you will find out what they don’t find appealing about themselves or there look and you can suggestively sell another service that would correct or improve their look. Remember it’s not what you ask or say but how you ask or say it. Delivery is everything. Your client will respect your professional opinion and you have planted the seed for a future visit or add on service. 

In this industry it’s our job to read into your clients self doubts and insecurities so we can embrace and enhance their beauty, and make them feel good and look amazing.


By following these tips you will gain a long and trusted client. They will see you have the true intention of providing them with understanding, and satisfaction. They will gain results they love and a relationship that is off to a great start whether that be a whole conversation or very little to no conversation at all. If you have gained their trust from this new beginning, TRUST AND BELIEVE... they will be back again. REMEMBER, relationships take time and are not built overnight but first impressions are everything, make yours count! 

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