Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Let your soul fly free in your work space

My Work aura is girly, bright, & fun
Tap into your personality


For most of us, our work place is our home away from home. We go to our jobs everyday and utilize our skills and put our minds to work, to keep life in rotation. Its key that we have peace of mind at a place we dedicate much of our lives to. Work spaces differ across the globe depending on your profession from an office cubicle, to a construction site, to a food truck, to beauty studio, like my own. You name it! I could go on forever.

I get it... some of us have way more flexibility to create a vibe in there space, but for any type of work environment, we can all relate that finding your work aura simply begins in your mind and soul. Your work aura is more than just the surroundings of a place you go to everyday called work, its in your soul. To find your work aura, we have to do some soul searching and self reflection.


So... why is this important? well its simple... no matter what you do or where you work, finding that inner feeling will create that mood or that space for you to be your best self at work. Even if you wake up and go to a job you absolutely hate right now, this will help you to not loose sight of who you are, what you want, and compromise your spirit.


Tapping into this means finding out what inspires you...What makes you feel good? I encourage you to sit down with a journal, notepad, smartphone... whatever is your jam, and write down

1.Your personality traits & attributes,

2. What do you love ( for example hobbies, people, music, movies, flowers, colors)

3. Dreams & goals

Also do this somewhere that you feel comfortable and enjoy, if you enjoy being by water, go to a beach, lake or pool. Your favorite park, library, or coffee shop. Put yourself in an environment that will bring the inspiration out of you. Tapping into your personality and who you are will help you find the vibe, you want to create within you, not just at work but all the time.


Once you have discovered your vibe, you will feel much happier with your inner aura at work and this may even influence you to step out of your comfort zone and explore your passion if your stuck doing something you hate, or bringing more passion into something you love doing! Once you discovered your vibe, you can translate this into your space, in which you work if you have the flexibility to do so!

This is where you can let your creativity and aura flow free. You can take your list you made and express it onto a vision board or Pinterest board, if your visual like me. This will help you to bring your personality and what inspires you to life!!!

I like to refer to myself as a beauty artist, I have my own beauty studio in Dallas, TX called Beauty Designed By Sherie Kumar. I do lash extensions, microblading, makeup, sugaring, lash & brow tints, and lash lifts. I am big on making the place I express my art, inspire me to do my best work. When creating my work space, (which you can see above in the picture), I am normally asked "how did i come up with the theme for my room?"

My room is simply a reflection of me and the things I love. I had to sit down and find my inner self first. I knew I wanted to have a wall that gave me life and inspiration. So I started with the same exercise as the one i encourage you to do. I thought of my personality, the things I love, and my dreams and goals. My wall has some quotes and pictures that remind me of my passion and craft. I have some palm tree pictures, because I love nature and i'm also Caribbean, so the thought of palm trees reminds me of Jamaica and tranquility. Much like the colors I chose, my personality resonates a lot with them as well. I chose pink and gold because those are my favorite colors. My personality is bright and approachable like pink and loyal and charismatic like gold.

I promise you doing this exercise will give you a good sense of who you are and the ambiance you want to create in your space even if its a simple as a few quotes on the wall or your desk, pictures of flowers that make you feel cheerful, or the kind of music you listen to on your way to work or at work.

My favorite kind of music is Neo-soul, I also listen to it at work because it brings out " that feel good" in me. It creates my work aura! I cant emphasize enough what finding your aura will do for creating that peaceful space for you at work even if it just inside your soul. Hey...It begins there anyway.

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